Your Guide to Fuel Transfer Equipment

Duramex Fuel Transfer Pump

Here you will find the best info on power tools, fuel transfer equipment, and accessories. If you’re interested in fuel caddies, transfer tanks and pumps, welders, or lubrication equipment like grease guns, you’re in the right place.

Let’s face it, no matter what type of job you’re doing, running out of gas sucks. If there’s no filling stations around, you need some type of fuel system.

Not only do you need an appropriate amount of storage capacity, but also reliable working parts. Here I’ve analyzed all the different products on the market and have listed them for your convenience.

These reviews are helpful because your needs will be different from others. Many people require these products for outdoor activities like boating or camping, while others need them for more industrial purposes.

How to Choose the Right Product

No matter what type of equipment you’re looking for, choosing the right model usually comes down to deciding on power. Power relates to the size of your job. If you’re just doing home projects or leisure activities, then your equipment requirements will vary greatly from someone who requires this equipment for industrial work.

I’ve analyzed the top brands in the market and our reviews are separated by this power requirement. I have suggestions for those who need smaller sized tools, and those who need heavy duty fuel transfer products.

Go with High Quality Equipment

For some of us, our fuel equipment needs to be the best quality because of safety reasons. Even if you’re in search of a portable gas caddy for your cottage, I still recommend getting the highest quality product you can. Upfront you may pay a little more, however in the long term you will not regret it.

For these reasons, I’ve tried to only recommend the highest quality brands and equipment. What this also means is that you may find a lot of the same brand names for various tools I recommend here, however I have no affiliation with any one brand.