thermal imager for IOS and Android

Thermal Imager for IOS and Android Devices

For those who are looking for a thermal imager device they can use which is compatible with an iPhone or Android should consider The FLIR ONE. It’s compatible with lightning and micro USB connectors. So this will work on Android devices, and iPhone 6s, iPads and other IOS devices. Enter The FLIR ONE With this […]

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spot thermal camera

Best Thermal Imager for the Money from FLIR

When searching for the best thermal imager for the money, you’re going to need to compare features. The price point on these thermal imaging cameras is based on the different features, and more specifically the Infrared Detector Resolution. I’ve researched which products have the best price points based on features. This outline will be of […]

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hydraulic transmission jack

2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack

This 2 Stage hydraulic transmission jack from JK is one of the best rated models on the market. If you’re looking for an adjustable jack that can carry a load up to 1500 lbs, this is definitely a model to consider. Here are some of the specs: 1500 lbs (1.5 tons) capacity 34 inches to […]

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Lincoln 3601 Pressurized Oil Drain

Lincoln 3601 Pressurized Oil Drain Review

There are numerous oil drains on the market, so it’s important you choose the right model. One of these is the Lincoln 3160 pressurized oil drain. This oil drain is durable since it is made of steel all through. This is an advantage as it will be able to drain oil safely. It can be […]

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oil extraction pump for boats

Recommended Oil Extractor Pump for Boats

Oil extraction equipment is really a must have for anyone who owns machinery where oil changes are needed. Even the average gardener who needs an oil extractor pump for their lawn mower should invest in one. They’re so easy to use, and reduce the mess associated with changing oil or removing fuel. I have a […]

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oil extraction pump for lawn mowers

Best Selling Oil Extractor Pump for Lawn Mowers

Said goodbye to messy oil changes with your lawn mower. I’ve heard countless stories regarding lawn mowers getting ruined because they weren’t maintained properly. Whether the oil wasn’t changed properly, or gas was left in it over the winter without adding stabilizer fluid, I’ve heard them all. I always wish people knew about these oil […]

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