Top Battery Operated Cordless Grease Gun from Lincoln

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Cordless grease gun
Everyone knows that the best cordless grease gun is manufactured by Lincoln. Sure there are some other models out there but there’s been so much positive feedback from the Lincoln product that I would be crazy not to recommend it.

I first came into contact with these units while working as a roughneck out in Alberta Canada on an oil rig. I started to work in the spring which is sometimes a slow time out on the rigs and I found myself working in the shop for a few weeks. One of my jobs was to grease the rig equipment and man was I happy they had battery operated tools.

Now, I’m not some wimp that can’t handle a bit of hard labor, heck I worked on an oil servicing rig so I know how to bust my butt, but I like to also work smart. Who needs to manually pump grease when you can get the job done with a rechargeable battery. It just makes sense.

This is basically the same reaction I got when I mentioned these products to a friend of mine in the marine engineering field. He had the same story as me when he started working as an oiler on big cargo ships. He loved the convenience of using cordless equipment, especially in tight quarters.

So it comes down to convenience and working smart. If you have a manual grease gun then you need to upgrade to the new technology and work smarter.

I recommend the Lincoln units because these are the ones I’ve personally used and because they get excellent reviews from other consumers. Again, instead of manually pumping, you have a battery which does the work for you, allowing you to work much more efficiently.

It’s like the progression of a screw driver to a power tool. The same principles apply with these products. Each product comes with a gun, battery, charger and portable case.

The battery will fully charge in an hour and it’s equipped with adjustable pressure settings. The battery will allow you to use about 8 to 10 grease packs which is quite a lot. Overall consumers vote that the cordless feature just makes their lives much easier which leads to being more productive.

Which Model Do You Need?

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The main different between these models has to do with power. No matter what you’re using, it’s always better to have a bit more juice, even if you don’t need it. So the main difference is between a 12 volt and a 18 volt battery. Other advanced features like a 2 speed setting can be found on the LIN 1844 which is the most popular unit right now.

It comes with a sturdy carrying case and an extra battery so you have 2 in total. This is extremely handy to have when you’re working away and just forget to charge up the original.

Bottom line if you’re in the market for one of these, the Lincoln model is highly recommend.

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