Duramax Fuel Caddy Review

The Duramax fuel caddy is one of the most popular models because it can be used in many applications.

Because it’s not made out of steel, it’s generally not recommended for technical use in a professional garage, but for many other applications it’s really the best option.

For marine environments where you need to fill up your boat, or even bring it on board this is ideal. It’s also great for camping and all outdoor activities. Because of its lighter materials, it’s much more portable. Anything that falls under the “do it yourself” type of task, this caddy will be appropriate.

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Using this gas caddy is very straightforward. In most boating situations the caddy will be above the boat’s fuel tank, so gravity will send the fuel through the hose. For other applications where the caddy is at the same level of the equipment which requires fuel, you will need to use the pump.

Before you transport the unit it’s always best to make sure all the necessary valves are closed. The video goes through all the operating procedures which are easy to understand. For a more industrial gas caddy check out the Roughneck Fuel Caddy.