Fill Rite Fuel Transfer Pump Review

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Fill Rite Fuel Transfer Pump

The Fill Rite fuel transfer pump is one of the best selling pumps on the market.

It allows you to transfer fuels like diesel, kerosine and other light oils. The design will allow you to mount it to barrels or tanks, making it convenient for many different applications.

Many users buy this to keep in a garage, however you can also mount it on the tank in the back of your truck as well. This particular model (pictured on left) runs at 15 gpm which is enough power for most people.

It’s recommend to visit the website for a full list of specs and features that come with this pump. You can look over customer reviews there as well.

Differences Between Models

These types of pumps are recommended for individuals who are transferring relatively large quantities of fuel. If you just need to fill up your gas can, then obviously you don’t need a motor driven pump. However if you carry an external tank which you need to pump from, you’ll need some type of motor driven model.

The top products from Fill Rite will differ in motor power, hose diameter, weight and sometimes which type of fuels it’s graded for. All the specific specs can be reviewed on the product pages.

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