Best Fuel Caddies Based on Consumer Reports


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Here you will find the best fuel caddy reviews.

Our philosophy here is to align you with the best equipment for YOUR specific needs. We’ve found that the best way to do this is highlight the products based on the requirements of the jobs. The reasons this works is that you may be looking for a gas caddy just to use on camping trips, while others may need industrial size and build quality. There is definitely this difference among these products, and that’s what we’ve highlighted below.

One thing that you can be confident with is that these are the best recommendations based on quality. These fuel caddies will differ in size, however they are the best rated products for their specific tasks.

What Makes These Products Different

Duramex Fuel Transfer Pump

Build quality is one of the first main differences among these different units. Some of the portable gas caddies like the Flo n’ Go Duramax Caddy (pictured to the left) is not as durable as other industrial models and it’s capacity is smaller as well. This model is recommended for those who find portability to be a high priority, and it’s usually best for boaters and campers.

It’s made out of polyethylene as opposed to steel with a carrying capacity of 14 gallons. This is great for people who are looking to avoid bringing smaller caddies around, but who also don’t want to run out of fuel. It’s very convenient for specific needs.

Roughneck Fuel Caddy
The next major difference is storage size. The Duramex is very portable, but that limits its storage capacity. If you’re working in a garage or you’re using a caddy for contracting purposes rather than leisure purposes, you will probably want to upgrade to the Roughneck Fuel Caddy. It has a much bigger fuel capacity (30 gallons) and it’s made of steel. Overall it’s a much more suitable model for everyday use. You will not have to constantly fill it up, and it won’t get damaged in a shop or construction setting. For professional use, this is highly recommended.