Fuel Transfer Pumps and Tanks

Fuel transfer pump

If you need to transfer fuel, you’ll need some type of fuel transfer pump or tank.

Obviously if you’re here you know what these products do, and why you need them. But just to make sure, if you need to transfer any type of fuel then you’re in the right place.

What you really need is to find out which products are rated the best. Here we outline the top pumps and tanks and have labeled them below. The main differences among these products which you will need to think about have to do with their overall specs. Some have larger motors and capacities.

We suggest you read through the reviews below which outline the specs and will give you a better idea one which one you really need.

You can visit the manufacture’s website as well for more in depth information and customer reviews.

Here are the top fuel transfer pumps and tanks

Fill Rite Fuel Transfer Pump

RDS Fuel Tank and Toolbox Combo

Hydro-Turf 6 Liter Oil Extractor

Main Differences Between Models

Whenever you’re researching these types of products, your choice comes down to different brand names, and storage capacity of power. This is really the main distinction customers need to make when purchasing products in this area.

So what capacities and power differences to you need to think about in regards to pumps and tanks?

Well, when it comes to pumping fuel, you can buy battery operated pumps, motor operated units, and even manual or rotary operated models. So if you need to pump gas from a caddy into your car then a simple battery operated model is fine. However, if you carry a large fuel tank on your truck and need to fill up large equipment with diesel oil you’ll need a much more powerful electrically driven motor.

In regards to tanks, you may need a capacity of 60 gallons, or you may be fine with a 40 gallon tank. Some tanks also come with a built in tool box for extra convenience. For those going on long RV trips who don’t want to stop often for fuel, or for farmers who may be working and don’t have the luxury of filling up often, will find an external fuel tank makes their lives much easier.

There are enough different models to meet the needs of various people who are looking to carry extra fuel.