Recommended Oil Extractor Pump for Boats

Oil extraction equipment is really a must have for anyone who owns machinery where oil changes are needed.

Even the average gardener who needs an oil extractor pump for their lawn mower should invest in one. They’re so easy to use, and reduce the mess associated with changing oil or removing fuel.

I have a recommendation for an oil extractor pump for boats that I feel is more convenient than some other products.

For boaters, I like to recommend the Air Power America 5060 Fluid Removing System.

oil extraction pump for boatsThe reason I like this one for boaters is the build quality and portability.

I’ve worked as an engineer on large cargo vessels and understand the importance of fuel and oil quality. When it’s time to change the oil, it should get done quickly and efficiently. However, the tools needed for most boaters are far from your typical extraction units that I worked with on cargo ships.

That being said, the most important thing for boaters to consider is quality, size, and portability. I’ve taken these into consideration, along with tons of great feedback in recommending this pump.

  • No need for electricity
  • Holds 8 quarts (7.5 litres)
  • Wide diameter for stability
  • Very portable
  • Use on oil and other fluids

Results from Real Boaters

After speaking with many boaters I’ve found that this model works well because it’s sturdy, portable, and its wider shape allows you to bring it on board and not worry about any spills. (This is not always necessary).

Typically to remove a full 8 quarts it will take around 15 to 20 minutes, so probably around 10 minutes for most boat engines, which is often times the same amount of time it would take to drain oil from your car in the traditional way.

For boaters this is really time efficient and sometimes the only resource to do a quick oil change.

Overall consumers felt the pump worked great, and were happy with the results. Always do your best to pump in a consistent manor, as you don’t want to jerk the unit around too much. A steady consistent pump always works best.

If you own a boat, this is definitely a tool you should have. You can read more consumer reviews and the full product specs at Click here.