Best Selling Oil Extractor Pump for Lawn Mowers

Said goodbye to messy oil changes with your lawn mower.

I’ve heard countless stories regarding lawn mowers getting ruined because they weren’t maintained properly. Whether the oil wasn’t changed properly, or gas was left in it over the winter without adding stabilizer fluid, I’ve heard them all.

I always wish people knew about these oil and gas extractor pumps for their lawn mowers.

They’re great for keeping your mower in good shape, but they also make oil changes so much easier and mess free. If you don’t have one, you should definitely get one today.

oil extraction pump for lawn mowersI like to recommend The 4 litre Briggs & Stratton 5431K Oil Extractor Pump.

  • From all the research I’ve done, I’ve found this one to be the best
  • Makes oil and gas removal easy
  • No more asking for help, simply pump it out yourself
  • Can be use for lawn mowers, snow throwers, etc.
  • Holds 4 litres of fluid


Benefits of Changing Your Engine Oil

If you want to take really good care of your lawn mower, then you should change the engine oil probably more often than you’re doing right now. I know I’m assuming you don’t change it often, because the fact is, so many people don’t.

Typically this should be done after 5 – 10 hours of use. I know that so many people don’t do this that often, and their mowers still work fine, however if you want to keep it in the best shape, then considering changing the oil more often.

Using this particular pump is very easy. Simply assemble it based on the instructions given, and run your mower for a few minutes if possible to heat up the oil. Again this is not always necessary, however cold oil has a lower viscosity and in turn does not flow as quickly as warm oil.

Then simply insert the hose into the oil reservoir and pump it out. It’s easy and there’s no mess.

Typical Results after First Time Use

There are quite a few machines that have no easy way to drain the oil.

I think we’ve all been there lifting and tilting our lawn mowers upside down to drain the oil. Using these pumps is a simple and affordable alternative. Some riding lawn mowers are impossible to turn over safely and easily, and this is when this device comes in handy.

Keep in mind these products usually sell for under $50, and therefore they aren’t built with high quality materials. They work fine, but the parts are plastic and you can’t expect too much from them.

That being said, from my experience these work exactly as advertised. As long as the hose can fit into a reservoir you can pump out the fluid. Some reviewers have noted that gasoline with ethanol may have caused issues with the pump, however it was not conclusive.

This will be your easiest oil change ever. Keep your mowers in good shape and avoid those messy oil changes. Again, I recommend the 5432K Extractor Pump from Briggs & Stratton which you can find on sale at Click here for more information.