Best Oil Extractor for Easy Oil Changes

Oil changeI first really appreciated the need for consistent oil changes when I was working as a cadet on a large cargo ship.

Marine engineers need to serve as a cadet for 180 days, and during my first term out at sea, I really understood the benefits of oil in an engine.

Without quality oil, an engine cannot be cooled or lubricated properly, and it can lead to breakdowns.

Now, my guess is you’re not here because you need to change the oil on a large marine diesel engine. However, the oil changes on your personal vehicles are just as important.

So for those who want a tool that makes oil changes extremely easy, consider this top oil extractor from Hydro-Turf.

Hydro-Turf 6 Liter Oil Extractor

There are some key benefits to changing your own oil which are expressed below, and the main advantage with an extractor like this one, is there’s no mess. You don’t need a pan, and you don’t need to worry about spillage.

With a product like this, there’s no mess and you can be rest assured that your oil is properly removed and changed.

Not only can you use these vacuum pump/extractors on cars and trucks, but you can also use them on lawn mowers, smaller sized engines, and boats.

Using it is very easy. You simply pump out the oil into the 6 liter container, rather than draining it out. One big tip would be make sure you oil is not cool.

As oil cools down it becomes harder to pump. This has to do with something called viscosity. So always make sure your car or the engine that you’re removing oil from is some what warm.

Why You Should Do Your Own Oil Changes

When you do your own oil changes, you can be sure it gets done properly. This is one of the main reasons that people like to do it themselves.

Another great reason is that it forces you to check out other parts of the engine while you’re doing it. A consistent engine audit is important and combining it while you can the oil can help you avoid any headaches from breakdowns in the future.

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