Thermal Imager for IOS and Android Devices

For those who are looking for a thermal imager device they can use which is compatible with an iPhone or Android should consider The FLIR ONE.

It’s compatible with lightning and micro USB connectors. So this will work on Android devices, and iPhone 6s, iPads and other IOS devices.

Enter The FLIR ONE

thermal imager for IOS and AndroidWith this attachment, you can turn your phone into a thermal infrared camera.

This will allow you to measure and see temperature differences. You can capture and share the images or create a video.

One of the main advantages with this device is convenience, and price. They are priced much lower than other types of cameras, and they’re super convenient. You carry your smart phone everywhere, so now with an app and small attachment you have the power of an infrared camera.

Keep in mind that there are much more powerful cameras on the market. You can find a full list of these cameras offered by FLIR here.

Basic Features

There are definitely some cool features worth discussing here.

Firstly, the device uses two cameras which help create a much clearer and accurate picture. These help make your thermal images look real.

As I mentioned above, its very convenient because of its size. It weighs 2.75 ounces and is 2.8 x 1 x .7 inches in size.

This device will NOT drain your battery as it comes with its own battery.

You can capture images, but also videos, making it much easier to analyze a certain area. Rather than taking several images to capture all the areas under investigation, you can simply take a video.

Who’s This For?

Based on my background, I can see how this would be useful for certain work environments. HVAC contractors, electricians, and home builders are the main job titles that come to mind.

I personally used infrared cameras while testing the temperatures of different cylinders on diesel engines, and I witnessed many electricians taking thermal images of electrical circuit boards on large vessels. Having this device would have been useful.

But it seems to be marketed to typical homeowners and also outdoor enthusiasts. Perhaps because it’s so affordable, however personally I wouldn’t have an interest in using this if it wasn’t for a specific purpose like heat loss, important measurements and so on. But I guess if you want you can have some fun comparing the temperatures of all sorts of things.

I would describe it as a great tool for trouble shooting everything.

To find a list of all the compatible devices and what other consumers are saying about this specific model, visit Click here.