Best Welding Machines from Miller and Lincoln

I was first introduced to welding equipment while I was studying to become a marine engineer.

When I got on my first ship, and I spent a lot of time practicing how to weld because it’s such an advantage for an engineer.

I then became very interested in reviewing and researching some of the top selling welders to help individuals make the right decision on a model for them.

Here I want to highlight some of the best units.

Top Models of 2016

A great model for the hobbyist is the Lincoln K2185-1 MIG Welder.

It’s affordable, it’s easy to use (MIG welders are the easiest to operate), and it’s from Lincoln, one of the best brands in this industry.

Many people that have owned and operated these products their whole lives say you can’t beat a Lincoln welder. For smaller jobs, this is the unit I recommend. And it’s priced so well.

Miller Welder
A more powerful model is the Millermatic 211 230V.

This is ideal for more of the professional and can be used for larger industrial jobs. This is the same model I used while training to be a marine engineer.

You can connect this to various power sources and weld very thick pieces of materials.

Hobart welder
The Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder is by far one of the best rated models on the market right now.

It’s portable, wire fed, and extremely durable and well made. It can be used for commercial projects as well as do it yourself tasks. Many people use it on auto parts, fences, frames and so on.

Bottom line, this unit comes with everyone you need to get started, and it’s price very well.

Where Can I Find Sales Prices on a Welder?

Here I’ve highlighted 3 excellent models, but if you need more information and want to review more customer reviews, head over to

By far the biggest recommendation is to stick with one of these recommendations, as a quality product is extremely important. has by far the best sales prices on these units, and they have tons of user reviews and feedback on many of the best selling models.

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